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Before moving to Australia there’s lots to think about and plan. Use this checklist to help you prepare for your move to Australia.

The Preparing for Departure Relocation Checklist has been created to help skilled migrants, investors and business migrants plan their relocation to Victoria.

The experience of past migrants has contributed to building this checklist to help make your move easier.

This checklist is a guide that summarises many of the things you should do when moving to help you establish a new life in Melbourne and Victoria. Although it begins at 18 months before your departure date, you can use this checklist at any time.

How long is it until you leave? Use the links below to jump to the checklist relevant to you.

Migrant relocation services

A relocation service could help you enjoy a seamless transition to Melbourne. Premium relocation and migration services can provide an end-to-end service. They can help you secure everything from:

  • the best housing in the best suburbs
  • the best schools for your children
  • concierge/butler services, domestic and business staff
  • language teachers
  • security consultants
  • interior designers, garden designers, feng shui experts.

A simple internet search for ‘migrant relocation service in Melbourne’ will provide you with details of numerous organisations.