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Our Overseas Qualifications Unit (OQU) assesses qualifications to help you secure work in Victoria.

To meet the eligibility timeframes below you must currently live in Victoria - and have been living in Australia for less than two years.

You also must  be one of the following:

  • a permanent resident of Australia
  • a citizen of Australia or New Zealand
  • a holder of an Australian provisional residence visa - (eg visa subclass 173, 188, 309, 820 etc)
  • a returning Australian citizen with a final award certificate for  tertiary studies overseas.

Please refer to our application form for a comprehensive list of eligible visas.

The Overseas Qualifications Unit does not assess:

  • Australian degrees or qualifications
  • overseas short courses (less than one-year full-time study), single-subject certificates or diplomas
  • overseas licenses, permits or work experience documents
  • overseas apprenticeships or trade qualifications.

Eligibility timeframes

You will need to apply for an Overseas Qualifications Unit assessment within two years of one of the following:

  • initial arrival into Australia with a permanent visa
  • onshore permanent visa grant
  • arrival date to Australia if you hold Australian or New Zealand citizenship. Evidence is required and examples include a certified copy of a passport showing the entry or exit stamp, or an airline ticket.

Humanitarian and refugee visa holders are exempt from the above timeframe eligibility.

If you are not eligible for Overseas Qualification Unit services and want to apply for an assessment of your educational level, please contact the Australian Government Department of Education and Training for educational assessments of higher education, post-secondary or technical and vocational qualifications. These assessments establish the Australian-equivalent educational level for overseas qualifications within the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Please note: Australian Government’s Department of Education charges an application fee for their service.

Contact us

Phone: 1300 492 606




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