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Australian job advertisements come in different forms and have different requirements. Understanding job advertisements is essential when you’re searching for a job in Melbourne.

What’s usually included in a job ad

Australian job ads usually include elements such as:

  • what the job involves
  • whether the job is offered full-time, part-time, casual or as a fixed-term contract
  • what skills or qualifications are required
  • what work experience is required
  • what sort of organisation you will be working for
  • how you should apply and where to send your job application (eg. by mail or email)
  • who to contact for further information
  • the closing date for applications.

Many Australian online job ads include a link to download a detailed position description if one is available.

If you have questions, want to obtain a position description or want to discuss the role in more detail before you apply, contact the person listed in the job ad. It’s a good way to introduce yourself and gain further insight into the company and the role.

Be aware that some jobs in Australia may be advertised under a different job title than in your home country. Find out what your job is called in Australia and broaden your job searches until you’re familiar with the language and terms used. Use the same language and terms they use in the job ad and the job description as part of your application.

In Australia, it’s very important to apply for the job before the closing date, as many employers will not accept late applications.

Selection criteria

Some job ads include key selection criteria that the company will use to evaluate your job application. In these instances, you’re required to address the selection criteria as part of your job application. Use specific examples of your skills and work experience for each of the key selection criteria to demonstrate your suitability for the role.

Answering the selection criteria can take some extra time but it’s very important to include this information if you want to be seriously considered for the job.

Salary and salary packages

Some job ads will include a salary range or a salary package, but not all job ads will have this information.

Salaries vary widely across Victoria and depend on the type of job, your skill levels, the industry and levels of responsibility.

You can research salary levels by looking at current job advertisements and relevant salary surveys. See the following Australian job websites for salary information:

To find out information on minimum rates of pay and working conditions in your industry sector, workplace rights, and legislation and publications related to the Australian workplace, visit the Australian Government's Fair Work Ombudsman website. For more information on workplace rights and rules, visit the JobWatch website.




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