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Victoria occupies only 3 per cent of Australia’s landmass, but is responsible for nearly 25 per cent of Australia’s economy.

With Australia being one of the safest countries in the world to invest in and Victoria generating consistent and sustainable economic growth, we offer a stable and prosperous base to grow your business.

There has never been a better time to do business and invest in Melbourne.

Watch Pactera Technology International Senior Vice President Victor Li explain why Pactera chose to do business in Melbourne.

Why start a business in Melbourne?

Melbourne’s history of strong commercial success makes it the preferred destination for 60 per cent of Australia’s permanent business migrants.

We have:

  • an open and transparent regulatory system
  • a stable political environment
  • advanced information and communication technologies
  • high-quality professional support services
  • low-cost infrastructure
  • a triple-A credit rating
  • strong intellectual property safeguards
  • a modern, integrated transport network
  • a highly skilled, multicultural workforce
  • an abundance of raw materials
  • competitively priced office space and development sites
  • thriving regional centres
  • a close proximity to Asia with an Asian time zone.

A leader in innovative, knowledge-based industries

Melbourne is Australia's leader in the new, knowledge-based industries such as digital technologies, medical technologies and pharmaceuticals, new energy technologies, creative industries and professional services.

Abundant opportunities in regional Victoria

Regional Victoria is a competitive location for operations including food processing, component manufacturing, and tourism, data processing and information and communication technology (ICT). Our agricultural strengths include wheat and other cereal crops, dairy and beef cattle, wool, vegetables, citrus fruit and grapes.

Visit the Victorian industries page for more information about Victoria’s key industry sectors.

Why Melbourne?

A city of opportunities

Melbourne offers a stable and prosperous foundation to grow your business. On the cusp of Asia, Victoria offers rich opportunities and markets with a perfect blend of dynamism, supportive government and economic strength to support your business success.

A competitive and dynamic business environment

Victoria is the services, innovation and knowledge powerhouse of Australia. Melbourne International Airport is one of Australia’s busiest airports with over 30 million visitors a year, boarding more than 650 international flights every week. Melbourne is also home to Australia’s busiest container port.

Find out more about Victoria's competitive and dynamic business environment.

A skilled, global and innovative workforce

Melbourne has a highly-skilled, multilingual and culturally-diverse pool of professional talent and Victoria is the most educated state in Australia. Over half of all Victorians aged 15–64 hold a post-secondary school qualification and over a quarter have a university degree – the highest proportion of all Australian states.

Learn more about Melbourne’s skilled and innovative workforce.

World-class infrastructure

Victoria enjoys Australia’s most advanced and best-connected system of road, rail and marine transport infrastructure. We also have fast, reliable and cost-effective access to utilities.

Find out more about Victoria's world-class infrastructure.

Regional Victoria is well-developed for running a business

Regional Victoria offers a diverse business environment with thriving industries. Your business is supported by well-developed infrastructure, reliable low-cost telecommunications, easy access to raw materials and high-quality local workforce. Not to mention the unrivalled lifestyle.

Find out more about regional Victoria.

See the Invest Victoria website for more information about doing business in Melbourne and Victoria.




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