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Getting visa nomination from the Victorian Government can make it easier for you to meet the requirements for an Australian visa.

What is visa nomination?

When you apply for an Australian visa using SkillSelect, Australian state and territory government agencies can view your application and decide to nominate you for a visa. If a state or territory nominates you, they are telling the Department of Home Affairs that your skills and experience are needed in their state or territory. Nomination can improve your chances of securing an Australian visa.

Some visas require nomination from a state or territory government. The Victorian Government offers visa nomination to selected investor, business and skilled migrants that have skill sets and business experience which are needed to help Victoria's industries be globally competitive.

What is visa sponsorship?

Like visa nomination, visa sponsorship is a type of support that a state or territory government can provide to applicants for different business and investor visas. The Victorian Government can provide you with visa sponsorship if you require it for your visa application.

There is no charge for Victorian visa nomination.

Victorian visa nomination is:

  • an opportunity to improve your ability to get an Australian visa
  • a requirement for some visa applications
  • recognition of highly skilled and employable professionals or tradespeople with skills and experience needed in Victoria
  • free.

Victorian visa nomination is not a visa application. You must apply for a visa with the Department of Home Affairs, but please note that visa nomination does not guarantee the Department of Home Affairs will grant a visa.

How do you know if you are eligible for Victorian visa nomination?

To be eligible to apply for Victorian visa nomination, you must:




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