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These tips will make it easier for you to find a job in Melbourne if you’re already living in our great city.

How to look for work in Melbourne

Finding a job is essential to the settling in process. Many jobs are not openly advertised, so your job searches need to involve a variety of strategies, including networking.

Personal contacts and networking

Often jobs are not advertised, so networking is one of the most powerful strategies to find work in Australia. Some of the ways to access job opportunities that aren’t advertised include:

  • making a list of local employers and companies you would like to work with and contacting their human resources department to explore job opportunities
  • asking your friends and professional contacts to let you know if they hear of any suitable jobs
  • joining ‘service’ clubs in the community – such as Rotary, Lions and Apex
  • getting in touch with local business associations such as traders groups and chambers of commerce
  • joining relevant interest groups and local employer groups on LinkedIn, and joining in their online conversations
  • participating in volunteer work.

Networking demonstrates your initiative and enthusiasm, as well as research and communication skills, which are highly valued in Australia. Successful networkers show an interest in the people they meet, ask relevant questions and, most importantly, listen and follow up on advice they have received.

The hidden job market

This video explains the hidden job market in Australia, how to target your job applications and how to approach employers and take advantage of networking opportunities.

Download the transcript for the Hidden Job Market video (DOC, 26 KB)

Jobs advertised in newspapers

Most Australian newspapers list jobs. See the following newspapers for more information about their job advertisements:

Find the local newspaper from the area you’ll be living. These newspapers generally cover one or two suburbs, towns or communities (job listings vary from paper to paper). You can search for your local newspaper on the Online Newspapers website.

Online job websites

Many employers will advertise on jobseeker websites. New job advertisements are published daily. You can set up a personal account (which is generally free) so that suitable jobs can be emailed directly to you.

Some of these job websites include useful information to help you in your search, such as resume writing, presentations and preparing for interviews.

There are many online jobseeker websites in Australia. Some of the most popular include:

Many organisations advertise job opportunities on their own websites, so it’s a good idea to regularly check the websites of companies that interest you.

Professional and trade associations

Professional and trade associations represent the interests of their members. They provide networking opportunities, business advice and support, training and education and advocacy on behalf of the industry or profession they represent.

Being a member of a professional organisation is useful, especially when you’re looking for jobs. Also, specific trade and industry publications advertise jobs that may not be in the newspapers or on general jobseeker websites.

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies advertise specific positions in newspapers and on jobseeker websites on behalf on employers. If you notice that one recruiter is advertising a number of positions in your area of expertise, you may want to contact them to discuss your career plans and register your interest for upcoming opportunities.

Voluntary work and work experience

Voluntary work and work experience can include paid or unpaid work in the public or private sectors. This work provides an insight into in the Australian workforce as well as valuable work experience to help you apply for jobs and develop your skills. Voluntary work and work experience can also lead to gathering Australian referees which will help with your job search.

Ways to find suitable voluntary work or work experience include:

  • directly approaching employers
  • letting family and friends know you’re looking for a voluntary and work experience roles
  • searching online for internships and volunteering opportunities.

Approach work experience in the same way you would any job search or networking activity by doing your research and preparing what you’re going to ask before contacting the employer. Ensure you have an updated professional resume ready.

For more information about volunteering and internships visit:

Please note: The information, services and views expressed that may appear on any linked websites are not necessarily endorsed by the Skilled and Business Migration Program and the Victorian Government. It is recommended that you make your own enquiries as to the appropriateness and suitability of the information on this site for your particular circumstances.




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