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Nomination Conditions Declaration forms are now digital

From 1 March, our most commonly used nominations conditions forms will be completely digital. We will no longer require or accept nomination conditions forms that have been downloaded from the Live in Melbourne website then signed and scanned for the following visa subclasses:

  • 190
  • 491
  • 188A, 188B, 188C, 188E
  • 888A, 888B, 888C

If applying for subclass 405 nomination, please continue to use the existing forms available on the Live in Melbourne website.

To enable the transition to digital Nomination Conditions Declaration forms:

  • All forms will be turned off at 5pm on Monday, 28 February.
  • Any draft forms that have not been submitted by 5pm on Monday, 28 February will be deleted.

All forms will then be turned back on at 10am on Tuesday, 1 March. If you had a draft that was deleted, you will then be able to start a new form.

From 1 March you (and your agent, if applicable) will be sent an email with a link to the digital form once an application is started. You will then be able to review the nomination conditions before signing on your computer or mobile device. You will be emailed a PDF copy of the signed document for your records once all relevant parties have digitally signed the document.

This change brings the following benefits:

  • Applicants and agents can be sure they are signing the correct version of the nomination conditions for the relevant subclass.
  • Applicants and agents no longer need to download a form, print it out, sign it and scan it back in.

The video below shows how to sign and complete a digital nomination conditions form.

How to sign a Nomination Conditions Declaration




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