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Our Overseas Qualifications Unit (OQU) offers free and confidential assessment services to have your qualifications recognised in Australia and help you secure work.

You must be living permanently in Victoria to be eligible for our assessments. Other Australian states and territories also have Overseas Qualifications Units. It’s important you contact the Overseas Qualifications Unit in the state or territory you live in.

We also help employers, educational institutions and other organisations interpret overseas education and qualifications for their potential employees and students.

What are assessments used for?

Our overseas qualifications assessments can be used for general employment purposes only  – if  your job doesn’t require registration, licensing, professional membership or other industry requirements.

Assessments are used as qualifications evidence for:

  • potential employers, human resource departments and recruitment agents
  • resumes/curriculum vitae (e.g. stating that your qualification has been assessed by the Victorian Government’s Overseas Qualifications Unit and include the Australian-equivalent result)
  • professional associations and educational institutions including professional bodies or admitting institutions.

Follow the three steps below to apply for a qualification assessment.