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Before moving to Australia there’s lots to think about and plan. Use this checklist to help you prepare for your move to Australia.

The Preparing for Departure Relocation Checklist has been created to help skilled migrants, investors and business migrants plan their relocation to Victoria.

The experience of past migrants has contributed to building this checklist to help make your move easier.

This checklist is a guide that summarises many of the things you should do when moving to help you establish a new life in Melbourne and Victoria. Although it begins at 18 months before your departure date, you can use this checklist at any time.

How long is it until you leave? Use the links below to jump to the checklist relevant to you.

18 months
Do your research

Tip: Talk to friends and relatives already living here and do some online research – the Visit Victoria website is a good place to start.

Tip: You can find out more about property prices and cost of living.

Tip: See Finding a job in Melbourne and our Do Business section. 

Tip: Find out how you can get help from a migration agent or lawyer or research your migration visa options if you plan to apply yourself.

Tip: If you need help a migration agent or lawyer will be able to help you with these forms.  

Tip: You can learn about visa options for your family on the Department of Home Affairs website.

Tip: Visit the About Melbourne page to find out why Melbourne is one of the most liveable cities in the world, and see residential areas you might consider living in. 

Check your health and property arrangements
12 months
Apply for your visas

Tip: If you’re eligible for visa nomination, you can apply online.

Tip: Get help from your Registered Migration Agent if needed.

Communicate your plans

Tip: Request copies of all relevant documentation you might need about your children’s education such as school reports.

Organise your finances
Check the cost of moving
6 months
Prepare to move out

Tip: If you sell your home, find temporary accommodation as a back up in case you sell your house sooner than expected.

Tip: Visit the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources website to find out more about bringing pets to Australia.

Get paperwork sorted
Plan where you'll live in Victoria

Tip: Check out our education and childcare section.

2 months
Organise temporary living arrangements in Victoria

Tip: View our Temporary accommodation information.

Tip: See our Getting around section.

Your pet may be placed in quarantine when you arrive, depending on which country you are coming from. Familiarise yourself with Australia’s customs and quarantine requirements.

Prepare for your job search

Tip: Start applying for positions via employer and recruitment websites. Follow up by phone if possible.

Get finances, insurance and legal matters sorted

Tip: Ensure it is valid until you take out a new policy in Australia.

Get ready to leave
1 month
Manage your vehicle
Organise bills and records

Tip: Provide a forwarding address to your bank, migration agent, post office, financial institutions, employer, friends and family, neighbours, and relevant authorities. 

Organise health and medical

Note: Private health insurance is not compulsory in Australia. Find out more about private health insurance in Australia.

2 weeks
To Do

Tip: Australia has strict laws about what you are and are not allowed to bring into the country. You may be asked to pay a fee to clean certain goods, especially if they are made from, or have been in contact with, animal, plant and wood products. Check the Department of Home Affairs website to see what you can and can’t bring into the country.

1 week

Tip: Remember to pack activities for your children (if you have children).

Migrant relocation services

A relocation service could help you enjoy a seamless transition to Melbourne. Premium relocation and migration services can provide an end-to-end service. They can help you secure everything from:

  • the best housing in the best suburbs
  • the best schools for your children
  • concierge/butler services, domestic and business staff
  • language teachers
  • security consultants
  • interior designers, garden designers, feng shui experts.

A simple internet search for ‘migrant relocation service in Melbourne’ will provide you with details of numerous organisations.




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