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Getting to where you want to go in Melbourne is easy with our reliable public transport system and taxis.

Many locals in Melbourne use our reliable public transport system to get to work and get around. Public transport in Melbourne is easy to use – you can get around on trains, trams and buses using the one payment method. Taxis are also readily available.

Using trains, trams and buses in Melbourne

Melbourne has one of the best public transport systems in Australia, offering a number of services including trains, buses and trams (also known as trolleys or streetcars).

Metro operates Melbourne’s metropolitan train network, while V/Line operates Victoria’s regional public transport. Different companies operate our trams and buses.

myki card – your transport ticket in Melbourne

No matter what form of public transport you use throughout Melbourne, you can pay for all of them with one payment method: a myki card.

myki is plastic card used to ‘touch on’ when you start travelling and ‘touch off’ when you finish travelling. It’s similar to other public transport ticketing systems around the world and makes travelling through Melbourne much easier. You simply add money to the card and top up when you need to.

Visit the myki website for more information on how to buy and use a myki as well as cost information.

Go to the Public Transport Victoria (PTV) website to find out how to use Melbourne’s public transport system.

Melbourne taxis

Taxis (cabs) are readily available in metropolitan and regional areas. To hire a taxi you can:

  • make a phone booking
  • make an online booking
  • wait at a taxi-cab rank
  • hail a taxi from the side of the road or using an App.

Although there are various taxi companies, taxis in Melbourne are easily recognisable by the signs that sit atop their roofs and the branding painted on their doors.

Every fare is metered and extra charges can apply, for example for road tolls.

All taxis must be registered and the driver must display his/her identification in the car for you to see. Fare information is also displayed inside taxis for you to easily see.

More information about Victoria’s taxi services is available on the Taxi Services Commission website.

Please note: The information, services and views expressed that may appear on any linked websites are not necessarily endorsed by the Skilled and Business Migration Program and the Victorian Government. It is recommended that you make your own enquiries as to the appropriateness and suitability of the information on this site for your particular circumstances.




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