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Did you know that you can use a migration agent or a lawyer to help you move to Australia?

Migration agents and lawyers can assist with visa applications, legal matters and provide general information.

Migration agents

If you want to migrate to Australia, a migration agent can help with:

  • advice on the most appropriate visa to use
  • completing visa application form(s)
  • preparing supporting documentation and information for the application(s)
  • submitting applications and dealing with the relevant government departments on your behalf
  • providing advice on complex immigration matters.

Using an agent or lawyer for visa applications will not influence the outcome of applications or speed up the process. However, it could mean less work and hassle for you.

Watch this video to find out what to expect from a migration agent.

Finding a migration agent

In Australia, migration agents are required by law to be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) in order to provide immigration assistance services.

Registered migration agents can be found through the following websites:

If you are using a migration agent within your own country, it’s important to make sure they are also registered with MARA or that they meet local laws and registration requirements in your country.

Cost of using a migration agent

The MARA website provides details of average fees charged by registered migration agents. Fees are usually determined between each client and their agent.

Visit the Department of Home Affairs website for more information about using a migration agent registered with the MARA.

Migration agent's obligations

All migration agents are expected to:

  • act professionally, have a good knowledge of migration laws and perform in a timely manner
  • detail all costs involved (including written confirmation)
  • keep you up to date with the application and progress
  • keep information confidential
  • abide by the migration agents’ Code of Conduct.

Find more information on the MARA website.

Do you have a complaint about your migration agent?

MARA can investigate complaints about the migration advice and assistance you receive including:

  • the quality of the service
  • your agent’s fees.

To make a complaint about your agent you will need to complete the online complaints form.

You can also withdraw the appointment of your migration agent at any time, even if you’ve already lodged a visa application. You and your migration agent will need to advise the department in writing using Form 956. If you appoint a new migration agent, they should also notify the department using Form 956.

Lawyers and representatives

An immigration lawyer or a representative from the following organisations may also be able to help you migrate to Australia and other immigration matters:




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