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"The natural beauty, diverse community and stable wages make us feel secure and welcome here".

Bivek Regmi, a civil engineering graduate from Nepal, chose Melbourne’s Swinburne University of Technology for his master’s degree. He was drawn to Melbourne based on a Google search where he found the city was less crowded and more cost-effective than other major cities. What solidified his decision was the scholarship Swinburne offered him based on his excellent grades, allowing him to specialise in structural engineering.

During his time in Melbourne, Bivek liked to relax by the Yarra River near Federation Square. He also found a large Nepali community, which made it easy for him to make new friends. Bivek says, “It was really easy for me to navigate life in Victoria, and given that Melbourne is highly diverse, I was able connect with people from all different backgrounds.”

After finishing his master's thesis in 2019, Bivek quickly secured a job in Hamilton, a regional town in Victoria, with the Southern Grampians Council Shire. He liked the short commute to work and seized the opportunity to explore the area’s natural beauty, visiting MacKenzie Falls, Mount Abrupt and the Great Ocean Road.

Bivek’s ambition led him to become an Asset Engineering Lead at AlburyCity Council, situated on the border of Victoria and New South Wales. To his surprise, Albury Wodonga felt like one cohesive community rather than separate towns either side of the border. In his role, Bivek oversees infrastructure maintenance, including roads and playgrounds, ensuring that these assets are preserved for the future. He says "it is a big industry that requires knowledge in IT, finance and civil engineering. I love the challenges and the people I work with are great."

In his spare time, Bivek enjoys playing table tennis, hiking and recently went skiing at Falls creek. He plans to further explore the Albury Wodonga region by joining a community bicycle group. He shared, "there are many places to visit and lots of fun activities. I have even gotten into the coffee culture and cannot start my day without going to the local cafe.”

After a few years of developing a successful career in regional Victoria, Bivek applied for the Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 Visa and received his visa in October 2023. Now, Bivek is focused on his career growth and is pursuing a Master of Business Administration. He is grateful for the chance to keep learning in Australia, saying "it's never too late to learn something new." Inspired by his mother’s hospital care, Bivek’s wife Sabina aspires to change her career path and become a nurse to help those in need. Together, they look forward to starting a family in Victoria and appreciate the support and opportunities available. Bivek concludes, "the natural beauty, diverse community and stable wages make us feel secure and welcome here".

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