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“Victoria's open-mindedness and flexibility allows you to pursue your dreams.”

Anu Sabu, graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering in India, before deciding to make a career change in 2016. She pursued a Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Melbourne, where she found world renowned medical research programs including the Bionic eye project. Anu quickly became interested in the medical device industry and participated in ’hackathons,’ where she connected with Tikkun Olam Makers, a non-profit organisation that develops innovative products to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities. This experience inspired her to pursue a PhD in Biomedical Engineering through Swinburne University of Technology, where she conducted research at CSIRO, Australia's national science agency.

While working in the biomedical engineering field at CSIRO, Anu realised she could make a positive impact on people's lives through medical device research. Her exposure to top research institutes confirmed her belief that Melbourne offered unparalleled opportunities for a successful career in the biomedical industry. Anu was also impressed by the government's focus on translational work and commercialisation, providing her many chances to contribute. She found people in Victoria to be incredibly kind and welcoming, and she felt a part of the diverse and vibrant community. All of this inspired her to apply for the Skilled Nominated subclass 190 visa, which she received in less than two months, allowing her to live and work in Victoria permanently.

Anu currently works as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Bionics Institute, where she works on improving hearing outcomes for cochlear implant patients. She develops new stimulation strategies for individuals with residual hearing loss, with the goal of improving their hearing. Anu finds immense satisfaction in her work, knowing that she is making a positive difference through her research.

Outside of work, Anu volunteers with the IEEE, an international organisation for electrical engineers. She holds leadership positions and organises technical talks and panel discussions, helping young professionals transition into their careers while expanding their networks and technical skills. Anu enjoys the many events and activities available in Victoria year-round. She explores the variety of cafes, restaurants and scenic landscapes, including the Dandenong Ranges. She also appreciates Melbourne's sporting culture and plays badminton with friends on weekends.

Reflecting on her journey, Anu acknowledges her personal growth since leaving her comfort zone and moving to Victoria. She encourages migrants considering a life in Melbourne to embrace the many opportunities available and believes that “Victoria's open-mindedness and flexibility allows you to pursue your dreams.” Anu looks forward to continuing her research in neuroscience, particularly in neurological disorders at the Bionics Institute. She remains inspired by individuals in Victoria who pursue their dreams at any age or stage of their career.

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