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“Migrating to Victoria allows you to try so many new things, grow professionally and meet other people with similar experiences.”

Originally from South Africa, Rachael moved to the United States when she was sixteen. After completing a Master of Science in Nursing, Rachael worked as a Nurse Practitioner in New York City. She specialised in pain management for neurosurgery patients and gained valuable work experience before deciding she wanted to embark on a new adventure.

As she lived in the lively city of New York, Rachael was looking for a place that also had its own unique character. Melbourne ticked all the boxes for Rachael as she was drawn to its multiculturalism and lively atmosphere. Ever since holidaying in the city in 2014, Rachael had felt a connection to Melbourne. In January 2020, Rachael finally made the move to Melbourne to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor.

Rachael is currently studying a Doctor of Medicine at the University of Melbourne and is set to graduate at the end of 2023. In her second year of studies, she secured part-time employment as a Registered Nurse at Epworth Hospital, specialising in critical care neuroscience. Rachael finds Epworth Hospital to be an amazing workplace that fosters a fun and diverse atmosphere. She appreciates the autonomy and knowledge that the nurses she works with possess and learning from a diverse group of peers has been beneficial.

In 2021, Rachael decided that she wanted to live and work in Melbourne permanently and applied for the Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 visa. Navigating the immigration process was a smooth experience for Rachael, as the Department of Home Affairs and Live in Melbourne websites provided clear guidance. Melbourne's high demand for nurses and the multicultural environment of the healthcare sector also gave Rachael confidence in her chosen career path. Rachael knew exactly what to expect every step of the way and was granted the subclass 190 visa in just 4 months.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Rachael has embraced the vibrant Melbourne lifestyle. She enjoys running to explore the city and to discover hidden gems, including the best coffee shops. Rachael has also experimented with artistic activities, such as pottery classes in Northcote and Fitzroy, inner-city suburbs known for their creative communities.

Reflecting on her journey, Rachael cherishes the warm welcome and support she has received throughout her time living in Melbourne. Rachael encourages future migrants to pursue their dreams, acknowledging that the rewards far outweigh the challenges. She believes that “migrating to Victoria allows you to try so many new things, grow professionally and meet other people with similar experiences.”

As Rachael nears the completion of her studies, she is currently undergoing interviews for mandatory hospital internships. She has not settled on a specific medical specialisation yet however, her exposure to critical care in Australia has sparked an interest in anaesthesiology. With an open mind, Rachael looks forward to her future in Melbourne.

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