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“Melburnians are friendly and are accepting and open to differences.”

Graduating from Boğaziçi University in Istanbul with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Anil Gurbuz’s passion for IT led him to a career in the ICT industry. He worked as a Data and Sales Analyst for one year before exploring options for further education. The reputation of Melbourne's universities, known for their quality education caught Anil’s attention and Monash University stood out as the ideal place for him to pursue a Master’s degree in Data Science.

Melbourne’s well-organised city layout, excellent infrastructure, efficient public transport, and reasonable cost of living instantly made Anil feel at home. In Anil’s second year of studies, his dedication and academic ability earned him a position as a Teaching Associate. This role allowed him to share his knowledge and learn from his colleagues.

After completing his degree in 2020, Anil's teaching journey continued for another year. He expanded his role to teach various courses, enjoying the chance to contribute to students' learning in statistical data modelling. Monash's approach to continually adapting the curriculum impressed him, ensuring that students stayed current with the evolving field of data science and artificial intelligence.

In 2021, Anil shifted to industry when he joined Newcrest, one of the world’s largest gold mining companies. Anil is impressed by the advanced machinery and skilled technicians working at Newcrest. He enjoys collaborating with engineers and using his data analysis skills to optimise soil variables, aiming for the best outcomes. He appreciates the work-life balance and the supportive Australian work culture. He says, “Melburnians are friendly and are accepting and open to differences.”

In October 2022, Anil decided to apply for the Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 visa. Anil's admiration for Australia's diverse and welcoming culture was a driving force in his decision to apply for Victorian State Nomination. At first, he considered other visa pathways, however the Subclass 190 visa seemed more appropriate for Anil, as he could not think of anywhere else that he would want to live apart from Melbourne. The streamlined application process, guided by the Live in Melbourne website, was efficient and the Department of Home Affairs granted his visa in just 2 months.

Anil makes the most out of his spare time by playing basketball and travelling around Victoria, visiting sights such as the Great Ocean Road, Grampians and Phillip Island. He also attends meetings organised by the Melbourne Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning group to expand his knowledge while engaging with like-minded individuals. Anil’s goals for the future include establishing lasting connections with the community in Melbourne and continuing to develop his career in the mining industry.

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