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“Melbourne will offer you work-life balance while providing you the opportunities to expand your career.”

Born in India's northern state of Haryana, Ankur Lathwal completed his bachelor's degree in technology and engineering in Delhi. Eager to pursue further education, he moved to the United States in 2015, where he completed a master’s degree in computer science in Chicago. His passion for software development then led him to New York City in 2018 where he worked for a few different startups.

It was during this time that Ankur was dating Monika, an aspiring architect from India, studying in Australia at the time. Their bond grew stronger, and they decided to get married in 2019. Ankur knew that to create a life with Monika, one of them would have to move countries. Ankur had built a successful career in New York and was thriving in the startup scene so wherever he moved, good career opportunities were a must.

After careful research, Ankur discovered that Victoria offered a streamlined migration process through the Skilled Migration Visa Nomination program. Ankur was immediately attracted to Melbourne's rapidly emerging tech industry, where global companies and startups had opened offices.

Ankur arrived in Melbourne in late October 2020, and within weeks, had secured a job. Ankur immediately knew he had made the right decision moving to Melbourne as the cost of living was affordable, and the city offered a great culinary scene, good coffee culture, and access to beautiful beaches. Living in the suburbs of Melbourne also appealed to Ankur and Monika, as it meant they could have a spacious home with a backyard while still being able to commute to work using the reliable public transport system.

Ankur works for EstimateOne, a company dedicated to connecting builders and subcontractors together. Ankur is enjoying the work he is doing, as the programming language and frameworks are aligned with his experience. He also finds it rewarding when he can solve problems the construction industry is facing through software.

In August 2022, Ankur applied for the Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 Visa and was granted the visa in November. Ankur has a goal of creating his own startup in the future. He believes Melbourne’s supportive tech community, abundance of talent, and entrepreneurial spirit provides the ideal environment for his aspirations. For those considering a move to Victoria, Ankur believes “Melbourne will offer you work-life balance while providing you the opportunities to expand your career.”

Beyond work, Ankur and Monika enjoy exploring the natural wonders including camping adventures to Wilsons Promontory. The couple plan on utilising Monika's architectural expertise to build their dream home in Victoria and look forward to showcasing their new home to their family. Ankur is also active in The Association of Haryana in Australia (AHA), which helps him remain connected to his culture while living in Victoria.

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