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Onshore candidates living and/or working in metropolitan Melbourne can now submit a registration of Interest (ROI) for the Skilled Work Regional visa (subclass 491) nomination.  

The new expanded eligibility criteria opens Victoria’s subclass 491 visa program to skilled migrants living anywhere in Victoria, including previously ineligible metropolitan Melbourne residents who wish to relocate to work and live in a designated regional area of Victoria.

Subclass 491 visa holders must live, work and study in a regional area of Victoria for at least three years before they can apply for their subclass 191 visa, which provides permanent residency.  This means you may need to move to a designated regional area of Victoria or secure a job that provides you with regional employment.

New candidates

There are four steps to subclass 491 visa nomination.

  1. Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs using SkillSelect.
  2. Using the EOI number received from SkillSelect, submit a Registration of Interest (ROI) for Victorian nomination via the Live in Melbourne portal.
  3. After you are selected to apply for a Victorian visa nomination, apply for a subclass 491 visa nomination on the Live in Melbourne portal.
  4. If your nomination application is approved, submit a visa application with the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs.

I have already applied for the subclass 190 visa nomination; can I simultaneously apply for the subclass 491 visa nomination?

If you have a Registration of Interest (ROI) for a subclass 190 and have not been selected, you can submit a new ROI for a subclass 491 after withdrawing the existing subclass 190 ROI.




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