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A permanent visa for high-calibre business owners or part-owners who want to do business in Australia. You must be nominated by a state or territory government.

The Department of Home Affairs discontinued this visa on 1 July 2021. If you were nominated for the Business Talent subclass 132 visa between 4 January 2021 and 1 July 2021, see below for details of your nomination requirements.

You must:

  • notify us of any changes to your contact details.
  • participate in any surveys that the Victorian Government may conduct.

You must meet with a representative of the Victorian Government’s Skilled and Business Migration Program at 6 month intervals for two years from the date of visa grant.

  • These meetings will be conducted either in person (including site visit), or online.
  • You can contact a representative from our team using this form.
    • Your representative will connect you with relevant Victorian Government services and programs relevant to your business.

2 years after the date of visa grant, you must complete the Department of Home Affairs’ Form 1010. This form requires the Victorian Government to endorse your business activity. Therefore, it is important that you maintain contact with us.

You must:

  • respond to the Victorian Government’s questions about your Victorian business.
  • facilitate site visits to your Victorian business.
  • provide evidence that you were actively managing the business daily.

You must not change the nature of your proposed business activity. If you change your proposed business activity, the Victorian Government could withdraw support for your visa nomination.

You will need written consent from the Victorian Government if you need to change your business activity.

You must live in Victoria for at least 6 months during the first 24 months of your visa. See ‘Establish a residence and reside in Victoria’ specific meaning in the Specific meanings section below.

State nomination cannot be transferred from one state to another.

You must comply with the conditions that you signed in the Nomination Conditions Form.

You can download the Nomination Conditions Form in the following languages:

If you were nominated for your visa before 4 January 2021, you can request a copy of your Nomination Conditions.

Eligible Business Activity The business type and scope approved by Victoria in a 132 visa holder’s visa Nomination Application.
Eligible Full Time Employee

A full-time equivalent (FTE) is a single employee who works no less than 30 hours per week, over a period of 12 months, permitting up to 2 months of vacation (paid or unpaid).

The Victorian Government will accept part time employees who work no less than 20 hours per week, over a 12-month period permitting up to 2 months of vacation (paid or unpaid) as half an FTE.

Casual employment cannot be used to fulfill this requirement.

Each employee whose employment
is used to work out that total number of hours:

  1. cannot be the applicant or a member of the family unit of the applicant during that period
  2. has to be an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or the holder of a valid New Zealand passport during that period.
Establish a Residence and Reside in Victoria for no less than 6 months The visa holder is required to purchase or rent a residential home to facilitate their residence in Victoria. Bond receipt documents and a formal lease will be required to evidence rental of a residence, formal title deed will be required to evidence property purchase. The Victorian Government will
also require Passenger Movement Records and utility bills for the period of residence.

Staying with friends outside of a formal lease arrangement during this time cannot be counted toward the 6-month period, as it does not demonstrate a financial commitment to continue living in Victoria. It is also not able to be sufficiently evidenced.

For border towns only (those that
share a border with SA or NSW) these can be accepted at the discretion of the Victorian Government.

This 6-month residence period does not need to be consecutive and may be made up of multiple stays during the 24 months following visa activation.

The visa holder is not permitted to reside
in any other state other than Victoria, during the 24 months following visa application.

Exceptional Economic Benefit The primary visa holder must undertake business activity that will provide an exceptional economic benefit to Victoria. Factors taken into account when assessing this exceptional economic benefit include, but are not limited to:
  • introduction of new/improved technology
  • job creation/retention
  • expanding exports of value added goods and services
  • introduction of new skills
  • increasing competitiveness
  • import replacement
  • the industry sector involved
  • the geographic location of the business.

The Victorian Government will assess nomination applications against these and any other relevant factors.

If the business proposal undertaken by the subclass 132-visa holder has been approved by the Skilled and Business Migration Program in the Nomination Application, the proposed business activity can be considered to have met this requirement.

Form 1010 At least 24 months following the first arrival of a 132 Business Talent Visa holder to Australia (visa activation), the Department of Home Affairs will initiate a monitoring period. The monitoring evaluates whether the visa holder has fulfilled their visa obligations.

The Victorian Government is notified by email that the monitoring period has begun. At this time, the Department of Home Affairs requires that the nominating state endorse (sign and stamp) the Form 1010 within 60 days of the request for monitoring.

The Victorian Government will also
send its own survey at this time to the agent most recently associated with the visa nomination application, acting on behalf of the visa holder. The visa holder’s responses, evidence provided, and site visit– will assist the Victorian Government in assessment of the visa holder’s continued eligibility,
and endorsement of the Form 1010.

Site Visit Prior to the Victorian Government making an assessment on endorsement of the Form 1010 – a site visit of the business and meeting with the visa holders is required. During this visit representatives from the Victorian Government will seek to ensure that the visa holder has undertaken the business activity
as outlined in their original nomination application, as approved by the Victorian Government. This meeting also facilitates an ongoing relationship with members of the Victorian Government.

Victoria may refuse to endorse the Form 1010 if the state is not satisfied that the migrant has fulfilled their Nomination Conditions. The Department of Home Affairs may cancel the subclass 132 visa if the visa holder does not receive Victorian Government endorsement.

Victorian Business A Victorian business must have its main premises located in a Victorian postcode. A main premise is defined as the location where the majority of staff are located. This refers to the business undertaken in Victoria, while an individual holds a Victorian nominated visa.
Victoria's Strategic Sectors Victoria's Strategic Sectors are:
  • digital technologies
  • advanced manufacturing
  • health and life sciences
  • agri-food
  • new energy and emissions reduction
  • circular economy
  • priority precincts.

Detailed information and definitions of these sectors are in Invest Victoria's International Investment Strategy.
Visa Activation This refers to the date of first entry to Australia on the Victorian Nominated 132 visa.




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