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"I feel proud to be helping Australians treat serious illnesses."

Mark Landicho’s role as an Aseptic Filling Operator at CSL plays a crucial part in Victoria’s post pandemic health response.

“Although I do not deal directly with patients, I still believe that my work is contributing to lifting Victoria back up.”

After graduating in mechanical engineering in the Philippines, Mark was set on pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry in Australia. He received a skills assessment as an engineering technologist and an opportunity to work at CSL, a leading biotech company based in Victoria.

“My background in mechanical engineering meant that I understood the principles of how the machinery at CSL works and operates.”

“Our workplace is made up of all different professions, working together to fight COVID-19. I feel proud to be helping Australians treat serious illnesses.”

Mark’s role in the early stages of the pandemic involved dispensing the investigational COVID-19 product called Hyperimmune. This product was designed to help boost the immune system of infected patients before vaccinations were available.

Now that CSL is manufacturing the AstraZeneca vaccine, Mark’s work has moved towards dispensing other important health products to treat serious illnesses, including auto-immune diseases and immunodeficiencies.

“I believe Melbourne has the most job opportunities in Australia. I’m happy that I have been able to establish a great career here. I was also able to help my wife become a registered nurse and now she is working to help fight COVID-19.”

When he is not working, Mark enjoys going on trips with his wife and son, visiting all the popular hiking and scenic spots that the state offers.

“I found the Live in Melbourne site very helpful, especially when you introduced the Registration of Interest form. It gave me the opportunity to write about myself and it was free to apply.”

“Of course I would recommend Melbourne. I always tell my family that this is the best place to live.”




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