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When LV’s family decided to migrate back in 2011, they had three options: Canada, U.S. and Australia – and Australia’s air quality and its multiculturalism eventually won them over.

Migrant LV Changyun , who moved to Melbourne, Australia from China shares his story about settling into a new country and what he loves about Melbourne.

“I’ve always longed for crystal skies, clear clouds and big oceans when I was in China,” LV said.

LV’s established a quilt manufacturing and exporting business two years ago after he saw the demand for Australian wool quilt products back in China.  He said that his career in Melbourne is more hands-on than back in China.

“On a regular working day my step count could reach 7,000 steps a day, which makes my body much healthier than before, that’s why I like it here.”

One of the main reasons LV and his wife chose to migrate to Australia was for their child’s education.

“We felt that our child is more active, energetic, and the learning environment is also better here…People from different countries respect each other as multiculturalism flourishes. Kids growing up in this environment will likely be more confident,” he said.

Since arriving, LV has established an Australia Business Migration Association – which currently has over 2000 members – to help other migrants settle in to business in Australia.

“I actually thought about staying in some of the cities in China, but I always believe that the place you call home should be the place that makes you want to stay…And I think Melbourne is that kind of place for me. “




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