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The great outdoors and the opportunity to work more autonomously were two key drivers for physiotherapist, Jojo Francisco, and his family to move to Melbourne from the Philippines.

Migrant Jojo, who moved to Melbourne, Australia from the Philippines shares his story about settling into a new country and what he loves about Melbourne.

Francisco said it was his wife Jenny who was the one who pushed him to get his physiotherapy registration in Australia.

“We’re here, because of her…Melbourne is multicultural I believe and it’s a great sporting state, it has a high standard of education and I think those are the elements needed in raising a family, and as parents we want to give our children a bright future,” he said.

“We love the outdoors, and I think that’s the Australian way of living - we want to blend in, in society, and the kids love it, they are so happy playing outside.”

Starting out on an employer-sponsored 457 visa, Francisco applied for visa nomination from the Victorian Government for permanent residency.

“The Victorian Government was instrumental in helping us secure our permanent residency...the government has been very helpful to skilled immigrants,” he said.
Francisco said his life in Melbourne has taught him the importance of work life balance and he does not miss having to work seven days a week as he did in the Philippines. He particularly likes the independent nature of his work in Australia compared to back in the Philippines.

“Back in our country physiotherapists, which is called physical therapy, work under the guidance of a doctor, however here in Melbourne, physiotherapists are quite autonomous, which means we can practice our own profession independently,” he said.

“I work in an aged care industry, and I think it’s a great profession, because I have the opportunity to take care of the generation that built this great nation.

“I will grow old as a physiotherapist.”




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