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The first time Joe Zhou and his family arrived in Melbourne, they felt immediately that Melbourne was their home for the future.

Migrant Joe Zhou, who moved to Melbourne, Australia from China shares his story about settling into a new country and what he loves about Melbourne.

He said the biggest difference between his life in China and his life in Melbourne has been his own personal relationship with his family.

"It is hard to take care of your family when you work in China...however in Melbourne, although we work hard, we still have time to relax," he said.

"The work and life arrangements are balanced and very enjoyable…I enjoy the time spent with my family."

Joe Zhou’s business produces and exports baby formula, mainly back into China and as Managing Director of the Australia Dairy Park, he oversees every step of the process, from the selection of raw materials through to production processes and factory inspections, to make sure it meets the regulatory standards both in Australia and in the export destination country.

"This is the well-known golden milk producing area with a complete management system from paddock to plate," he said.

"The reason we use fresh milk in Australia is because it is safe and meets the requirements of the people…in particular, Australia is country without any epidemic areas and all cows are free range."

"Australia is a natural green healthy country, so all our raw materials are very clean and safe."

Education for their son was the key driver for the family’s move to Melbourne.

"We thought about education in China and New Zealand, but after we compared these countries we found that education in Melbourne is better for Bob’s development," Joe Zhou said.

"Melbourne’s education is based on the British education model, and it is also a city of culture - all of this has had a positive effect on Bob’s development."

"My whole family feels very lucky, no matter whether for life or work - very happy and lucky."




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