Holding Redlich


Business overview

"We are a midsized national law firm. We have a number of Chinese clients and relationships with Chinese law firms and Chinese businesses and organisations who have already made contact with us on the issue and question of investor visas.

We enjoy a broad network of international affiliations with law firms in other jurisdictions all around the world, while also being mindful of maintaining our independence at all times. We are not beholden to any formal international alliances, and we pick our cross-border advisers carefully, on a transaction by transaction basis, to ensure that we are working with the best people in the relevant area of expertise in the region.

Holding Redlich is a Victorian Government Panel Law firm on the Specialist property law panel. Being on the Victorian Government panel, we are familiar with the Gateway System. We have set up portals with clients to enable direct and up to date information on status of matters to be provided to those clients on their matters. We are able to report to clients using a variety of methods.

In Victoria we have 173 staff members who speak over 15 languages, our head office is situated in the city centre within the legal district."