How to list your service

  • Step one: Review the Terms of inclusion
  • Step two: Prepare the required documents. Applicants will be prompted to upload:
    • The last two years audited copies of the company's Annual Accounts (including notes). These will be treated with strict confidentiality. Or, in the case of a publicly listed company, attach a web link to the Annual Reports.
    • Certificates of currency for the company's professional indemnity insurance policy and worker's compensation insurance policy (for example, WorkSafe).
  • Step three: Complete the online application form below.
  • Step four: Wait for your application to be processed (approximately four weeks) upon receiving a complete application.
  • Step five: You will be notified of the application outcome. Assuming it is approved, the business details will be listed on the Significant Investor Services Directory.
  • Step six: Contact us if any business information or contact details supplied to the Significant Investor Services Directory change and require updating.