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Investor and business migration resources

MakeMelbYourHome-ENG.pdf (PDF File - 2.7 MB)
Last updated: 11 Oct 2018

Details Melbourne, Australia's most sophisticated city. A prosperous, cosmopolitan city known for welcoming people from around the world who seek opportunity and success. Find out what Melbourne offers and how to invest and/or start your business here.

Entrepreneur-fact-sheet-ENG.pdf (PDF File - 112.5 KB)
Last updated: 11 Oct 2018

Victoria welcomes entrepreneurs who want to develop an innovative idea for a new product or start-up in Victoria and enjoy living in the world’s most liveable city through its flexible visa nomination program.

Investor-and-Business-Migration-fact-sheet-ENG.pdf (PDF File - 349.4 KB)
Last updated: 16 Apr 2019

Learn about Victoria's investor and business migration program. The Victorian Government offers visa nomination to eligible investors and business migrants who can contribute to Victoria's economy.

Significant-Investor-visa-fact-sheet-ENG.pdf (PDF File - 130.1 KB)
Last updated: 11 Oct 2018

Information about the Significant Investor visa (subclass 188) nomination program.

SISD-brochure.pdf (PDF File - 1.2 MB)
Last updated: 11 Oct 2018

A short introduction to the Significant Investor Services Directory. The directory is a listing of businesses in Victoria that offer financial and business support services to potential and existing investors.

Global talent resources

International-Graduates-fact-sheet-ENG.pdf (PDF File - 2.7 MB)
Last updated: 11 Oct 2018

The Victorian Government offers free visa nomination to eligible international student graduates, with streamlined processing of two weeks for applications. This fact sheet details visas and eligibility requirements for international graduates.

Skilled-Migration-fact-sheet-ENG.pdf (PDF File - 368.5 KB)
Last updated: 11 Oct 2018

The Victorian Government supports skilled migrants who want to live and work in Victoria by offering free visa nomination. Details the two skilled visas offered by Victoria for visa nomination.

Australian work visas fact sheet (PDF File - 1.1 MB)
Last updated: 11 Oct 2018

Details employer sponsored, independent and other visa options for skilled professionals and tradespeople.

Overseas Qualifications Unit fact card (PDF File - 199.2 KB)
Last updated: 12 Apr 2019

The OQU offers free and confidential qualifications assessment for overseas qualified professionals living in Victoria.

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