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All prices displayed are the mid range price reported for Melbourne and New York recorded in March 2018. On 1 August 2018, one Australian dollar (A$1.00) was worth $0.74 US dollars (USD$0.74190).

Visit X-rates for the current exchange rate.

Please note: Cost of living in regional Victoria is generally lower than in Melbourne.

Automobiles Australian dollars (A$)
United States dollars (USD$)
Economy car (up to 1800 cc, 4 door) 36,990.00 29,133.92
Mid-range sedan/wagon (up to 2500 cc) 94,000.00 74,035.92
Automobile parts and running costs Australian dollars (A$)
United States dollars (USD$)
Annual registration fee/road tax 800.80 630.72
Third-party and collision insurance 2,380.00 1,874.53
Price of 4 new summer radial tyres 1,074.00 845.90
Engine oil (1 L) 13.99 11.02
Petrol, gasoline (1 L) 1.47 1.15
Transport fares Australian dollars (A$)
United States dollars (USD$)
Taxi - initial meter charge 4.70 3.70
Taxi - rate per kilometre 1.71 1.35
Taxi, ride from airport to city
Bus ride or subway in city centre 4.30 3.39

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