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All prices displayed are the mid price reported for Melbourne and Shanghai recorded in March 2018. On 1 August 2018, one Australian dollar (A$1.00) was worth $5.05 Chinese Yuan (CNY$5.05412).

Visit X-rates for the current exchange rate.

Please note: Cost of living in regional Victoria is generally lower than in Melbourne.

Adult casual clothes and underwear Australian dollars (A$)
Chinese Yuan (CNY¥)
Polo shirt, for men or women 109.00 880.00
Blue jeans, for men or women 129.95 890.00
Socks, men's cotton 13.32 120.00
Ladies' stockings or pantihose 15.95 199.00
Ladies' bras 69.95 433.00
Men's business wear Australian dollars (A$) Chinese Yuan (CNY¥)
Two-piece suit 1,299.00 7,570.00
White oxford type cotton shirt 139.00 1,220.00
Shoes, leather 299.00 2420.00
Women's business wear Australian dollars (A$) Chinese Yuan (CNY¥)
Dress, ready to wear or 2 piece suit 798.00 4,490.00
Shoes, leather 279.00 2,280.00
Blouse, cotton 189.00 1,305.00
Children's wear (age 8 to 10) Australian dollars (A$) Chinese Yuan (CNY¥)
Boys' cotton school shirt 49.95 400.00
Children's shoes 79.95 550.00
Children's blue jeans 79.95 488.00
Boys' blazer 159.50 499.00
Girls' school dress 109.00 520.00




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