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“I am living my dream here,” says Namrata Patil, who migrated to Melbourne and secured a job with the Victorian Government’s Department of Education within just one month of her arrival.

Migrant Namrata Patil, who moved to Melbourne, Australia from India shares her story about settling into a new country and what she loves about Melbourne.

“Melbourne, when I heard and read about it, seemed to be a vibrant place,” said the IT specialist.  “There are lots of parks and open space areas and I thought, yes, my son is going to enjoy his life here.”

Having worked a busy schedule within the IT industry in India since earning her degree in 1998, Namrata was looking to spend more time with her growing son.  “I started thinking I can make plans for my son…to have the opportunities for any activities he would like to do.”

At first, she hired an agent to help her navigate the migration process.  But, with the help of some friends, she ended up completing the necessary steps herself. 

“It is very straightforward for Australia, getting the (migration) documents done.  Also there is lots of help and articles online,” she said.

Ever since she set foot in her new home city, Namrata has not looked back.  “I never got enough time to be with my son there…but after coming here I could have that balance back between family and work and I can spend time with my son and watch him grow, which I always wanted to do,” she said.




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