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Wine exporter, Lu Hong, moved her family from China to Melbourne for her children’s education – choosing Melbourne over Sydney as she felt it would be more relaxed.

Migrant Lu Hong, who moved to Melbourne, Australia from China shares her story about settling into a new country and what she loves about Melbourne.

“Melbourne has a highly developed environment for skilled talent and a sound quality education system...Melbourne - compared with Sydney - is more peaceful, a better place for my children to study,” she said.

One thing that Lu Hong particularly enjoys about her life in Melbourne is the extra time she has outside of work.

“Life in China is fast-paced and rushed.  My focus back in China is mainly on work…life in Melbourne gives me more free time and I exercise, travel with my children to the beach and the hot springs, and also go to theatre in the art precinct to watch concerts,” Lu Hong said.

For the past four years Lu Hong has been building her wine exporting business - which focuses on the Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties - and distributes back into Shanghai, China.

“I came to realise that Melbourne is the financial capital of Australia…it has advanced finance, trade and transport sectors – including its sea port and it’s a great environment for international trade. The natural environment is without pollution; food is natural and healthy,” she said.

“I’ve been to many countries, in Europe, Dubai, Switzerland, Germany… none of them could compete with the cosy life I’m having in Melbourne. So my advice for newcomers is to be brave - get out to eat more, listen more, see more, and make more friends and participate in as many activities as you can.”




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