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Melbourne’s clean, fresh air is one of the things that Eltham College grade four student, Lily Nguyen, loves most about her new life in Melbourne since moving from Vietnam almost one year ago.

Migrant Lily, who moved to Melbourne, Australia from Vietnam shares her story about settling into a new country and what she loves about Melbourne.

“In Melbourne they have fresh air, and I love to breathe the fresh air every morning when I wake up,” Lily said.

Lily has been adjusting well in her new school at Eltham College - enjoying her studies and music lessons - where she plays the cello - and making new friends.

“On my first day at school I felt nervous, I thought that the school was very big and amazing," Lily said. "The playground has a sandpit and monkey bars – when I saw them I really wanted to learn how to use them so my friend Taylor taught me how to swing on them like a monkey.”

Lily’s mother, Anh Bui, is a Restaurant Owner and applied to move to Melbourne, Victoria through a Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188). 

The Victorian Government's Skilled and Business Migration Program approved Ms Bui's application for State Nomination of this visa - which was then granted by the Australian Government in February 2017.

Ms Bui said Melbourne’s reputation as the world’s most liveable city was the key draw card for her and her family. 

“Melbourne is one of the most liveable cities in the whole world – we moved here to have a better life for our children with the best education," Ms Bui said. "We love the natural environment here and we hope that our children will have a better life and better future here. The best moment of our life was moving to live here, we are so happy.”

She said that the family has been busy adapting to life in Australia – learning all about the culture and way of life here.

“We want to be real Aussies so that’s why we try to live how the Aussies live," Ms Bui said. "For our cereal, we have Weet Bix – we never have Vietnamese breakfast anymore…it’s beautiful, it’s yummy!”

ELTHAM College Principal, Simon Le Plastrier, said that Lily gets to experience the best of both city/urban and country living at the school. 

“We are on the edge of Melbourne and we have this wonderful access to natural, beautiful Australia and yet we are only 50 minutes from the city, so the ability to have an urban experience with a semi-rural experience has been fascinating,” Mr Le Plastrier said.

“Lily has settled in remarkably well and the reason I think that she has settled in well is that she is a very interesting thinker. I think they love the fact that we have over 200 kangaroos on site as well.”




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