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“Australia is a very beautiful country, I think everyone has a dream to immigrate to Australia. So that’s my dream come true.”

Migrant Glory Guo, who moved to Melbourne, Australia from China shares his story about settling into a new country and what he loves about Melbourne.

Glory Guo has plans to open 30 mechanical workshops, specialising in Toyota cars, in the next five years and he is on track to reach that goal, while finding more time for family and golf in the meantime.

“I used to work for a Toyota dealer in Beijing, so that’s why I do the same thing, it’s easy for me - and at the same time we export engine oil to China,” he said.

“The first workshop, we got 80 percent business from the locals, because the local person is very very friendly, they don’t care that you are Asian, they just care you did the right thing, did the service and supply the quality parts, that’s it.

“We have a lot of local customers and we have a good relationship with them.”

Glory Guo said he and his family moved to Melbourne from Beijing in China because they wanted to ‘enjoy life more’.
“I left Beijing to immigrate to Australia, because I did a lot of research from the Australian office…I know Australians are very kindly, friendly, and we can get a good education for my kids,” he said.

“I think we did have not enough time in Beijing to enjoy life, because of the big traffic, we waste a lot of time on the roads…I have not had enough time to play with my kids, and enjoy life with my family.

“My kids are very happy to learn, and happy to play as well…they enjoy study, but in China, the kids get up at six or seven o’clock, study the whole day and go to sleep maybe at 10pm.

“Sometimes I ask my kids, do you want to go back to China, they told me yes but, they only want to stay a couple of days, then come back again.”

In his free time, Glory Guo enjoys meeting friends for a game of golf.

“It’s a very good feeling when I play golf.  In China it’s very expensive - maybe every time you play, you pay $200, or $300, maybe more but in Australia the golf course is very cheap,” he said.

Glory Guo’s advice to potential migrants is to do their research via the Australian and State Government websites.

“I think if you immigrate to Australia, you should change yourself, because of your attitude you should change a lot of things…work harder, work smarter, and enjoy life,” he said.

“Australia is a very beautiful country, I think everyone has a dream to immigrate to Australia.  So that’s my dream come true.”